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Sermon Starters of the week.  More

  • The Lectionary Gospel

    Mark 13:24-37

    Author: Scott Hoezee

    Maybe nearing the end of 2020 it is not at all difficult to bend people’s thoughts to all things apocalyptic.  Most years when the Lectionary reading for the First Sunday in Advent directs us to the Olivet… More...

  • Old Testament Lectionary

    Isaiah 64:1-9

    Author: Stan Mast

    Sometimes I scratch my head over the Lectionary choices for a particular day or season, but not today.  These words from Isaiah 64 are absolutely perfect for this First Sunday of Advent. I mean, it has all… More...

  • The Lectionary Psalms

    Psalm 80:1-7, 17-19

    Author: Scott Hoezee

    “The Lord make his face to shine upon you . . .”  That’s a line from the great Aaronic Benediction originally given to Israel in Numbers 6 and it is a line with which many Christians are… More...

  • Lectionary Epistle

    1 Corinthians 1:3-9

    Author: Doug Bratt

    This Sunday’s Epistolary Lesson’s “twin themes” of Paul’s thanksgiving and the return of Jesus Christ may seem particularly appropriate this week. After all, this first Sunday in Advent falls just three days after (U.S.) Americans’ celebration of… More...

  • En Español

    Deuteronomio 30.11-20

    Author: Leopoldo Cervantes-Ortiz

    Pongo hoy como testigos contra ustedes al cielo y a la tierra: te he dado a elegir entre la vida y la muerte, entre la bendición y la maldición. Elige la vida y vivirán tú y tu… More...